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We have had some amazingly beautiful, bossy and bitchy Asian Mean Girls come through our studio, but when we met Goddess Justene, we were simply blown away.

Justene is a Penthouse Magazine cover model, who also just happens to be the best friend of one of our most popular Mean Girls, Queen Darla. When Queen Darla arrived on set for a recent shoot, she brought along her BF Justene to check out the whole mean girl thing, to see if it was something she was interested in.

Justene walked in with such a Dominant aura around her, that in mere seconds she had everyone on set fawning over her, catering to her needs, and fetching her drinks and cigarettes. It was as if she’s been this way her whole life. Fact is, Justene HAS BEEN like this her whole life…she just didn’t know that there was a name for it… or that there were men who actually liked being treated this way…or that people would pay her a loot of money to be this way. HELLO!!!!

So at first Justene leisurely lounged on the couch with a cocktail in hand and a slave on his knees massaging her legs, as she watched Queen Darla use and abuse several slaves. She was grinning from ear to ear, with the most evil, diabolical smile. It took less than 15 minutes for Justene to jump off the couch, throw herself in front of the camera, and take charge of everyone/everything around

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