Daphne's Fantasies - Doctor Michaels, Part 1
First girl gets hypnotized, she strips and masturbates then blows the guy. Next girl gets hypnotized and starts masturbating and blows the guy. Third girl arrives and gets hypnotized as well and joins blowing the guy. Next scene all girls are in the bedroom in a foursome, there is doggy, pussy licking, the guy take turns fucking all of them and finish in one of their mouths.

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  • Thanks for the DF content. Can you add The Truth, Part 5 sometime.

    • pornuploader 1 year ago

      you are welcome, yes buddy we have this one, at this moment we are trying to upload latest releases but Truth, Part 5 is in our schedule

  • Mura 1 year ago

    Been waiting for more Daphne stuff! We seems to have skipped ‘Red, White’, though.

    • pornuploader 1 year ago

      don’t worry man “Red, White” will be uploaded after doctor michaels

      • Midas 1 year ago

        Heyyy, love your posts and this website! Do you know when Dr Michaels part 2 is going to be uploaded?

        • pornuploader 1 year ago

          hey man, thank you, part 2 will be uploaded a few next days

  • anonymous 1 year ago

    All of the daphne’s fantasies links aren’t working except this one.

    • pornuploader 1 year ago

      we know about that buddy, sorry for that, we are going to fix them

      • anonymous 1 year ago

        Thank you. It’s appreciated. Hopefully you’ll find the time soon, I understand you have more pressing matters though, so when you get around to it.

        • pornuploader 1 year ago

          thank you for your understanding, don’t worry we’ll fugue out this issue

  • Bolt 1 year ago

    This ones great, any chance the or the vids are getting fixed soon or is there an alternative site to view

    • pornuploader 1 year ago

      look buddy we are going to fix all videos but it will take a time, we need to find some free time

  • Jeremy 1 year ago

    can you upload “Safe House” by DF? thanks

    • pornuploader 1 year ago

      yes buddy but next upload will be doctor michaels part2

  • anon 1 year ago

    Re-up please?

  • Edvin 1 year ago

    Reup please, link is dead.

    • pornuploader 1 year ago

      player is work fine you can watch through the player

  • Rosterius 1 year ago

    Reupload please

    • pornuploader 1 year ago

      i did check, player is working fine

      • Danaris 1 year ago

        I’m pretty sure that most people (including me) wants to download stuff and not watch them online. If we wanted to watch things online, we have hundreds of other sites that have a much larger selection than this site.

        • pornuploader 1 year ago

          you can download most stuffs on this site, for each post there is a download link, but daphne fantasies studio has strict copyright policy, they regularly report links, so far we got a lot of warning from google just for this studio, we are so busy we are not sitting here and re-upload and re-upload and re-upload endless

  • How to sign up for Daphne fantasies

  • Could this be reuploaded please?