Lust Cinema - Erika Lust Xconfessions Vol5

In the 5th volume of the most acclaimed erotic series of the 21st Century, Erika Lust takes on new technical and storytelling challenges in 10 brand new films, that are more edgy and totally diverse.

Based on the best anonymous confessions received at, these 10 short films are a total celebration of the pleasures of the outdoors and modern sexuality. Summer escapades (El Chico de la Playa Nudista, La Reine des Culottes), the love of kink (Appointment with My Master), hidden erotic taboos (My Roomie’s Toy, Dear, Brother in Law), modern men (A Feminist Man), the ultimate fellatio (Slo Blo Mo Job), and a mythical fantasy (Ibiza Splash Crush). All this and a lot more in 100 minutes of beautifully shot explicit images.

Let Erika Lust take you into a whole new erotic world. You’ve never seen films with sex as beautiful and fun as these!

Short scenes in this movie:
My Roomies’s Toy
Description: A young woman innocently looking for a phone charger stumbles across her roommate´s sex toy. This is the trigger for a fantasy she didn´t even know she had.

La Reine Des Culottes
Description: A woman´s lingerie says a lot about her, at least according to the author of this confession. Is his neighbor provoking him with all those lace bras and delicate panties? One day a piece of lingerie falls down to his patio. Is it an accident, or has she done it on purpose? The only way to figure it out is bringing the panties back to her. This is the story of two neighbors and a drying rack…

Description: Ever wished you could have the longest, most intense blow job imaginable? One that felt so good that time slowed down? Now you can watch one in all it´s glory, with every detail enhanced… every kiss, lick, caress and suck… for your viewing pleasure. Don´t underestimate the beauty of mind-blowing fellatio!

Dear Brother in Law (Lieber Schwager)
Description: Inspired by a real German confession. Lana is the perfect bourgeois wife, and as her messy brother-in-law invades her house, she can´t help but feel attracted to him – much to her regret. In this short film, Erika Lust builds the sexual tension between the two characters with great skill, in a very realistic reenactment of infidelity full of passionate, clandestine sex.

An Appointment with my Master
Description: “For this short I wanted to give the most realistic representation of BDSM, to show it as a world that is easily accessible and can be enjoyed by anyone with a curiosity. Having been in contact with American performer Mickey Mod for a long time, I knew he would be perfect for the part. He’s not only a real Master but a complete genius in bed. Self-proclaimed masochist Amarna Miller played the submissive, and with her previous performances on XConfessions, I knew she would be more than happy to play this part….”

Ibiza Splash Crush
Description: “For this short I wanted to turn a fantasy on it´s head by creating a sexy merman! I thought how sexy would that be? A man dressed in a fish tail. What if he swam with a gorgeous lifeguard played by Carolina Abril? And it all took place on the beautiful island of Ibiza. This turned into one hot and quirky explicit summer film!”

A Feminist Man
Description: “This short film offered the perfect twist on the typical professor/student fantasy as I was able to create the ultimate feminist man! He´s tall, dark, handsome… but also intelligent. He can hold down a debate and eat your pussy like a cunnilingus guru. Maria Riot is a University Student infatuated with her gender studies professor, played by the wonderful Marc Morato. Set on a beautiful vintage backdrop on the historic May 68 in France, this the sexiest, most explicit period short film to date on”

El Chico de la Playa Nudista (That Guy at the Nudist Beach)
Decription: “Waking up at 5.30am to film this short during the sunrise in the Costa Brava, was beautiful and so very rewarding. This confession allowed me to create a naturally lit, romantic film with Julia Roca and Bel Gris playing a gorgeous Spanish couple, seducing each other on a deserted beach. Sun, sand, sea and sex… the perfect summer fantasy!”

Come Fly with Me
Description: “Taking on the world of aviation, a young man faces his fear of flying, only to face the gorgeous female pilot who will be helping him defeat his nerves. But she has a secret, she finds excitement in his fear… excitement that leads to arousal… Luke Hotrod and Carolina Abril play a couple caught in between angst and lust with beautiful and heated consequences!

If The Apocalypse Comes, Fuck Me.
Description: “Imagine being the last man and woman on earth… fighting for your life… trying to find water, food and shelter just to stay alive… the woman (Maria Riot) finds the man (Luke Hotrod) masturbating… desperate for his sexual thirst to be quenched. Inside she feels the same desire rising within her, but also the desire to survive. Which will she give into? Indulge in wild, animalistic sex in this apocalyptic erotic fantasy

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