Natalie The Big Ass Dancer - Natalie Sash

This was a cool day for me. After waking up from Sanchez relentlessly honking the horn outside my house for the entire 12 minutes it took me get dressed, brush my teeth, make sure I wasn’t forgetting anything, lock my door and walk to his car, I opened the door and asked him “What the fuck is wrong with you?”. He stammers back “Dude I have an awesome surprise for you!”, so I’m like cool. We drive to some hi rise on the beach, and go to the mezzanine then down a long hallway with a huge mirror at the end. I started feeling paranoid like I was getting set up for a gang rape again, but as we approached the mirror there was a part I could see through, and I instantly noticed a huge phat sexy round ass gyrating! I was in awe, and Sanchez is like “come on get in there faggot!”. We go inside a dance studio or some shit and he introduces us. Natalie, Ugz. Ugz, Natalie. He’s like “she’s gonna teach you how to belly dance.”. I was like “chyeah!”. That nigga knows I love trying crazy shit. Let me tell you my good people, this chick is seriously stacked top and bottom, thin waist, almost flat stomach, a truly fantastic body. After the dance lesson we went back to her place and she let us watch and film her shower! Those fuckin’ tits are nice and one of the most amazing asses I have ever seen. I love bubble butt. So then Sanchez takes us back to his spot where our boy Neo is by, and gets the two of them “aquaintimated”. After Sanchez had her showing off that delicious body in another outfit for awhile, She was ready to get down. Neo looked like he was really enjoying this persian pleasure, cause this girl was slobing that cock so good….. it looked she was gobbling it. Then he jack hammered that morsel into submission. Wanting more, she climbs on top of his cock and rides his dick with that beautiful butt, eventually causing him to get her from behind and really pound that ass until he busts a huge load all over that ass, practically glazing it. Woah. Just writing this crap made me hard, remembering that shit. Enjoy niggas!


Big ass, Milf



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