Superheroine World - Randy Star and Bounty Hunter


Starring Randy Moore, Christina Carter, Candle Boxxx, Francesca Le, and Nicole Oring!

The year is 2019. Firearms have been banned worldwide. Gun-detecting drones fill the skies. Anyone caught in possession of a firearm is given an automatic sentence of 5 years in prison. Criminal organizations begin reaching out to the corporate world, forming dark alliances.

The world is more dangerous than ever.

Randy Star is a bounty hunter during these dark days–a seasoned, whiskey-drinking, sword-wielding, kung-fu-fighting, sexy blonde badass! She is approached by a company to help rescue one Christina Jenson from the evil clutches of Sophie Lacan, a ruthless operative of the “Zhang Syndicate,” and who is intent on sexually taming and enslaving Christina!

Randy and her partner (and lover) Nikki bust into Sophie’s hideout, only to be confronted by Sophie’s personal guard the Belfry Brothers. A wild battle ensues, and it looks like our sexy heroines will prevail–when suddenly Sophie’s notorious enforcer Otsu joins the fray! Randy is taken by surprise and beaten into total helplessness; and the Belfry Brothers cruelly gang up on little Nikki!

Meanwhile, Christina is being brutally sexually tortured! She is stripped, groped, forced to orgasm repeatedly, controlled by a body-control-collar, spanked, fondled, subjected to nipple clamps, and more!

Will Christina be sexually enslaved by Sophie?
What will these criminals do with Randy and Nikki, now that they have been defeated and rendered defenseless?!

Included in this thrilling episode: sexual domination and torture, kung fu fighting, sword fighting, stomach punching, low blows, breast blows, face punches, 2-on-1, male/female fights and beatdown, female/female beatdown, full nelson, groping, fondling, stripping, spanking, forced orgasms, bondage, vibrators, body-control-collar, nipple clamps, KOs, and much more!!

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